Boots On the Ground

This face-to-face coaching program puts investors exactly where they want to be — in the trenches

With the “Boots on the Ground” training program, application is the name of the game. This three-day workshop is taught by real, active real estate investors for eager learners in their local markets. Workshops are held every week in various locations from Alaska to the Virgin Islands and everywhere in between, including throughout Canada. “Boots on the Ground” takes a step-by-step approach to teaching everything new investors need to know — how to find an agent, how to place ads, how to create a buyers list, how to locate and secure bank-owned properties, and most importantly, how to use other people’s money effectively.

Everything is presented in small classes with excellent instructor-student ratios, and every workshop includes a field trip on the second day to actually walk through properties with the workshop’s gurus. It’s called “Boots on the Ground” for a reason.

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