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A Closer Look at Insider’s Cash

Insider’s Cash is the funding solution many real estate investors have been looking for. They thrive on providing answers to investors’ needs and breaking down barriers between people and progress. Insider’s Cash works to fund investor’s short sales, REOs and residential and commercial flips in back-to-back closings. Accessing the funds of Insider’s Cash is easy and affordable.

The staff is efficient, approachable and up-to-date on the industry’s latest tips and trends. They are ready to guide investors through one of three lending processes designed for different scenarios.

One-Day Transaction

 Loan: Up to 100%

 Fee: 2%

Also called the “ABC Transaction,” the one-day transaction is a unique product. This lending option allows investors who have already found well-priced properties in their area, coupled with ready and willing buyers, to make sales happen and to keep their profits. For those ready to buy and sell in the same day, Insider’s Cash offers loans up to 100 percent of the property value with a fee of merely 2 percent, a significantly lower rate than what you would find at a bank. Rather than partnering with investors and taking a large cut of their profits, Insider’s Cash lets lenders keep what they earn. You do the work; you keep the money.

Three-Month Transaction

 Loan: Up to 75%

 Fee: 3%

Three-month transactions are a great option for investors with their eyes on cosmetic-fix properties, or those that need minor repairs or updates. For those with these types of investments in mind, Insider’s Cash will join you in the risk, giving you up to 75 percent of the property value with three months to pay it back — plenty of time to fix and sell. And like the one-day transaction, fees on this lending option are minimal — a mere 3 percent.

Two-Year Transaction

Loan: Up to 50%

Also referred to as “Bridge Financing,” the two-year loan is the perfect option for those looking to leverage the cash they have. Bridge loans, which Insider’s Cash offers for up to 50 percent of property values, offer investors three major benefits:

1. Bridge Financing negates the required one-year wait with banks.

When investors pay cash for properties, they enjoy having no interest payments, but without an interest payment, there’s no tax deduction for the purchase. After paying cash for a piece of real estate, investors have to wait for an entire year before banks will allow them to mortgage the property to pull their cash back out. Bridge loans create mortgages that allow investors to go to the banks on Day One to refinance. No one-year requirement, no waiting.


2. Bridge Financing limits the cash you’ll need to purchase an investment property.

With Insider’s Cash paying up to 50 percent of the property value, investors can spread out the cash they have on hand to more properties, expanding their investment portfolio by doing more deals on more real estate.


3. Bridge Financing can possibly double

your rental income opportunity.


   Less cash required up front means the ability to make more property investments, and more property investments means more rental income.

Insider’s Cash makes loans with no income or credit checks. These private money loans are based on the value potential of the properties. They do, however, require investors to be established as LLCs and have exit strategies for repayment of the loans. With Bridge Financing loans, for example, two years is more than enough time to change or establish a credit score to open doors for a way to pay back the loan.

While Insider’s Cash is not a coaching service, they do offer training materials to help investors get to the stage where they’re ready to use these lending services. They have great relationships with training and coaching companies and love helping investors find game-changing mentors through their partnering organizations.

The staff at Insider’s Cash is made up of real estate lending specialists. They bring a rich, diverse body of experience to the table and an enthusiasm for helping investors make the most of their cash.


Insider’s Cash Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell securities.  This material is published for the assistance of recipients, but is not to be substituted for independent legal or tax advice.


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Never buy a property with negative cash flow......



    9 / 8 / 2012 AT 1:18 AM

    Today was the first day of the realestate workshop and I am so excited to step out side of the box. Steven Edwards is so refreshing (from the norm), dynamic and down to earth that you want to follow his lead the entire way throug the system… One of our homework assignments was to come to the investors website and review the information on Insiders Cash. I am so appreciative that Dean is commited to his students success. Having a cash avaialble up to 500k is one additional way ensure success.
    They have truely thought of everything.

    Thanks again….