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http://insidersfinancialmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Dean-Head-Shot-150x150.pngDean Graziosi isn’t a control freak, but he likes being in control – a trait that stems from his lack of control in childhood. His mother worked rough jobs under disrespectful bosses to earn barely enough to get by. He moved around constantly after his parents split. Like many, he was a pawn of circumstance.

Today, that is far from the case. Graziosi, a renowned real estate investor and educator, has taken control of his life – starting with his attitude.

“I want to continue to always become a better investor and teacher,” he says. “I love the saying, ‘If you are not climbing you are sliding,’ so I will continue to get better and be the

best at what I do.”

Graziosi bought his first property before he was 20 years old and by the time he was 30, he was a millionaire. His desire to continually improve is the secret of his success.

Early Start, Big Finish

At age 16, Graziosi started making money by buying and selling cars. Applying what he learned in those endeavors to real estate investing, he purchased his first rental property at age 18 — a run-down apartment building. His renovations, which turned the building into a profitable investment, marked the beginning of his wealth and life satisfaction.

His infomercials, “Motor Millions” and “Think a Little Different,” have appeared on television since 1999. The educational program that spun out of Graziosi’s success helps people across the country make money in real estate.


Dealing With Complexity

Graziosi has a talent for boiling the complexities of his experiences in real estate investing down to simple, understandable concepts.

“I’m not the smartest guy on the block, so I had to learn to be a creative thinker while keeping it simple,” he says. “That is what has allowed me to help create so much success in others. I never assume people get it. I want to make it so simple that I know they get it.”

His two best-selling books – “Totally Fulfilled” and “Be a Real Estate Millionaire” – do just that.

Totally Fulfilled

When he’s not speaking, coaching or working on his own investments, Graziosi is trying to be the best father he can be.

“I have a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, and they are growing up so fast. It’s my main priority to spend every spare minute possible with them,” he says. “Plus, I love it. They are sponges who absorb everything I can find the time to share.”

Other than spending hours with his family, he doesn’t really indulge in hobbies.

“A lot of people have hobbies because it is an escape from the work or job they hate,” Graziosi says. “I am blessed to love being a real estate investor and trainer so much that I don’t need an escape. My work is gratifying and fulfilling.”

Enjoying a “totally fulfilled” life is saying no to anything that doesn’t make money, speak to you personally or help the world.

“I feel confident in saying that as a company and personally we are affecting the world one new real estate investor at a time,” he says. “We have the absolutely best real estate strategies on the planet. We combine those real estate strategies with true action steps and motivation to do it. The result is we have more successful students than anyone in the world.”

For the Future

Graziosi wants to work less over the next 10 years while his kids are still at home and “think he’s Superman.”

“Then I plan on going back to working harder than ever until I fall over dead at 112 with a huge smile on my face,” he says.

His newest program, “The Automated Foreclosure Finder,” provides students of real estate with the know-how to start investing in foreclosures. It’s just the next phase of his plans to help people get control of their bank accounts and their lives.

“I never want to go backwards,” he says. “I hated being broke as a kid and not in control. Now I get to make any decision I want.”

Dean Graziosi travels around the world but enjoys spending time with his family.

Dean Graziosi says he wants to work less over the next 10 years to spend more time with his wife and kids.

“I never assume people get it. I want to make it so simple that I know they get it.”


Dean Graziosi will admit he has no hobbies. He says he enjoys what he does so much that he doesn’t need an “escape” in the form of a hobby. The only hobby Dean claims is spending time with his young family.



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