The Inner Circle

Behind every financially fulfilled real estate investor, there’s a mentor who cared about their individual strengths, weaknesses and goals.

For real estate investors who are just starting out — or real estate investors with experience under their belts — being in the industry’s “inner circle” can make the difference between failed and fulfilled. Personalized coaching from real estate specialists can give unsure newbies a solid foundation, and it can give ever-improving oldies access to the latest insider’s tips and tricks for an ever-changing market.

Knocking the Hurdles Down

For many, recognizing that now is the best time to start investing in the real estate market is the first hurdle. Opportunities that have emerged as a result of the downturn are ripe — foreclosures, all-time low prices, all-time low interest rates.

“Interest rates have never been lower, and there are so many properties on the market. Your ability to effectively negotiate and get good deals is high,” says Joe Jackson, vice president of coaching at Insider’s Financial. “The market is going to go back up, it’s just a matter of when.”

There are also those who understand that the present is perfect for the savvy investor, but they don’t know how to get savvy.

“We help you shrink the gap between what you want and where you’re at today,” Jackson says.

Insider’s Financial offers training programs with everything you need to launch a new life in real estate — tools, resources, education, and most importantly, support.

Mentoring Momentum

Those who enroll in Insider’s Financial’s advanced real estate training program are assigned a real estate consultant who is their personal connection to the industry’s in-club. These consultant mentors work one-on-one with mentees, helping them set and achieve real estate goals that fit their wants, needs and lifestyles. The relationship-building nature of the training ensures that those who enroll get individualized attention and support.

How will you know if the advice your mentor gives you is credible?

“Our mentors can be characterized in one word,” Jackson says. “EXPERIENCED!”

Insider’s Financial consultants are the industry’s greatest success stories. Their iconic personal real estate ventures and combined experience of more than 100 years of real estate investing make them qualified, but their down-to-earth personalities make them approachable. They’re trained teachers. They understand how to turn the complexities of investing into simple strategies even beginners can put into action.

After an initial consultation, “the coach or real estate consultant will put together an investment plan that will be tailored to your interests, skill set and financial wherewithal,” Jackson says. “They will also prescribe a learning plan that suits your needs.”

And that’s where the momentum begins.

Constant Support

“Mentoring within the inner circle is constant,” Jackson says.

The training program is just the beginning. Personal consultants are available at any time to answer specific questions and offer personalized guidance through the process. Insider’s Financial also has an advisory line available for calls from anyone who is enrolled and needs extra advice, support and encouragement.

“Our advisory line is staffed by full-time consultants who buy and sell real estate,” Jackson says. “These folks have hands-on, real-world experience. They’re actively involved in the real estate community. They’re part of the industry’s inner circle, too.”

Having access to the brightest minds and richest experience in real estate is irreplaceable.

“Sometimes people attempt to learn the ropes on their own,” Jackson says. “They buy books or surf the Internet looking for guidance. They’re on the outside trying to get on the inside, but they’re going about it all the wrong way. What’s a better ‘in’ than having an insider as a personal coach?”

Even as investors gain experience and confidence and learn to stand on their own two feet, mentors can play an important role.

“Because the market and individuals’ goals are in a constant state of change, a mentor can remain the fundamental constant to our clients’ business,” Jackson says. “The most successful students are always asking questions, seeking knowledge and applying it.”

That inner circle access is always the most valuable investment of all.

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    RickInAmarillo, Realtor

    9 / 15 / 2012 AT 6:04 PM

    Thanks for the insight into more about what the Inner Circle is all about. I can’t wait to get started with all of the tools and support I’ll need. I’ve reviewed a lot of real estate investment programs over the years, including those of Dean’s associates, and most of them are lacking in some regard. Dean and his people cover all the bases.

    Rick Allison, Realtor
    Amarillo, Texas