The Three Day Workshop

The First of Many Smart Investments

Just because we live in the age of information, and just because we’re bombarded with enormous amounts of text and facts and data from every direction at every second of the day, doesn’t mean we have the capacity to remember it all.

The fact is, we remember what we feel.

Many people try to educate themselves about real estate investing by reading books or listening to audio recordings alone, but they don’t retain what they consume. The only information we really internalize is the information we connect with on an emotional level.

Emotional connection with information is the heart and soul of the three-day workshop.

The Purpose

Workshops are designed to give investors a running start on their journey to financial freedom. Participants learn how to use real estate investing as the vehicle for the liberation they’ve been dreaming about. Those who attend can expect to walk away with the confidence and ability to take action doing real estate transactions using little or no money with very little risk.

The Set-Up

Step one: Change paradigms. The first day of the workshop is focused on changes from within. Instructors help participants overcome the negative attitudes, speech and habits that hold them back, pointing out that many of the things people have been taught about creating success are more harmful than helpful. With new, improved perspective on the value and relationship of time, money and positivity, participants then learn strategies for getting out of consumer debt quickly and becoming a team-oriented entrepreneur.

Learning takes place in many formats — modules, discussions and Q&A sessions — with an approachable team of consultants available to answer questions during the breaks. Participants each enjoy the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with a consultant for a personalized consultation during the weekend as well.

The content of the workshops comes from the most credible specialists in the industry who teach the most current strategies and the tactics that are working in the market right now. These coaches aren’t talking from theory; they’re talking from personal knowledge that comes from personal experience. They cover everything from foreclosures to lease options, mobile homes to asset protection.

The Atmosphere

One of the first things participants learn is the power of teamwork. The emotional connection facilitated by the workshops’ amazing support staff is more than memorable. Coaches, consultants and organizers are overflowing with genuine caring. They know that participants’ success is their success, and they just can’t hide their enthusiasm for helping everyone succeed. They bend over backward to answer questions and give individualized advice.

The system of knowledge and resources that the staff offers new investors is designed to do most of the work for them. New investors quickly learn that success is about delegating and building teams. And there’s no better place to do that than a three-day workshop.

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Never buy a property with negative cash flow......



    7 / 15 / 2012 AT 1:01 AM

    I greatly look forward to attending the 3 Day Workshop in Minneapolis next week!!


    7 / 21 / 2012 AT 1:37 AM

    Just spent my 1st day in the 3 day workshop and it was awesome. Steve Libman is a great instructor and I look forward to the next 2 days. I believe this is changing my life. I’m committed to being a success whatever the cost. It’s time to find new cheese.
    Thanks Dean and Steve.